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boilers with a feeding screw


Supply voltage ~230V
Maximum load 5 x 100VA, 1 x 400VA, 1 x 20VA
CH pump start temperature 10 - 85°C
TW pump start temperature 30 - 80°C
TW circulation pump stop temp. 26 - 100°C
Room temp. setting range 10 - 35°C
Container temp. setting range 30 - 80°C
Boiler temp. setting range 35 - 90°C
Blower hysteresis 1°C
Container hysteresis 1 - 30°C
“anti-stop” function every 14day/30s
Blower power control
Dynamic regulation of fuel feeding
Boiler protection against dew-point
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Microprocessor controller IGNIS Delta
room sensor

room sensor

Microprocessor controller IGNIS Delta is a unit to control operations of feeding screw, blower, three-way or four-way valve, mixing pump, CH pump, TW container feeding pump and TW circulating pump. Controller maintains the set temperature in rooms with a room sensor according to the time programming. Controller controls dynamically the amount of delivered fuel, blower power and temperature in the rear of valve. To ensure thermal comfort the controller introduces optimal amount of heat to the heater circuit.

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