central heating

pump controllers


Supply voltage ~230V
Maximum load 3 x 100VA, 1 x 20VA
CH pump start temperature 1 - 99°C
Container temp. regulation range 10 - 90°C
TW container pump start temp. 20 - 70°C
Floor pump temp. regulation range 1 - 99°C
Container hysteresis 1 - 15°C
CH pump hysteresis 1 - 15°C
“anti-stop” function every 14days/30s
Time programming  
Valve drive control  
Adjustable alarm temperatures  
Graphic display with intelligent menu  
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Elektroniczny sterownik JOKER Z3P

Design reserved. Controllers JOKER are adjusted to be mounted with a wall bracket or a dedicated support.

JOKER Z3P is an electronic controller with a modern and interesting design, intended for controlling CH circulating pumps, feeding pumps for TW containers, pumps for floor heating system and mixing valves. The controller is equipped with an “anti-stop” function which prevents pumps from “jam-stopping” caused by the build-up of scaling on the bearings. JOKER Z3P has a broad range of hysteresis for pumps activation and deactivation, and an option of forced operation. Controller can work with priority of warm tap water and protects container and heaters against cooling down if the boiler is too cold. JOKER Z3P can work in SUMMER or WINTER mode. The controller dynamically divides boiler output between CH and TW systems, taking into account user’s settings and preferences. The user can also select a method of floor pump control to achieve the expected temperature of the floor heating system .Thanks to pump and valve control the boiler operates in the best possible conditions, which prolongs its working life, while the temperature of water in heated areas is kept at the optimum level.

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