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MTS 100W-1

Supply voltage ~230V
Maximum load 200VA
Ventilator start temperature 10 - 80°C
Temperature monitoring range 0 - 99°C
Ventilator hysteresis 1 - 10°C
Ventilator start forcing ability
Adjustable time and frequency of a blow-through
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Microprocessor controller MTS 100W-1

Microprocessor controller MTS 100W-1 is a unit to start and stop a ventilator in rooms where the air exchange is necessary. Besides the ventilator controlling operations made on the basis of temperature setting the controller also has an ability of the controlled ventilator cyclic start what enables accommodation of the unit operation to current requirements. Controller controls the ventilator operation on the basis of data taken from a sensor installed in the premise with ability of the start hysteresis adjustment.

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